Welcome to the BREAKING BOUNDARIES exhibition, where you can find out all about the fascinating history of the Olympic Games.

The educational material accompanying this exhibition (Olympische stellingenstrijd) helps students discover more about the social themes running through the Olympic Games. Working in teams, they learn about Olympic history and today’s Games, and are encouraged to do their best in the sporting challenges interspersed with the assignments.

A second educational pack with extra information and assignments can be downloaded (coming soon) for further discussion in the classroom.

Sportimonium provides everything you need for a successful group visit with or without a guide.


  • Who: students from higher education colleges and universities: history students, physical education undergraduates and graduates, sports and leisure management students, tourism students, etc.
  • Duration:  +/- 2h
  • Timing: mo, Tu, Thur, Fri from 10h -12h and from 13h-15h , Wed from 10h-12h. 
  • Maximum number of participants: 50 pupils
  • Language: Dutch and French 

Please note that interactive modules are currently closed in accordance with health regulations.


Permanent exhibition. The permanent collection offers plenty of opportunities to learn about all aspects of sports, with important exhibits of sports objects, historical photos, unforgettable radio and tv broadcasts and more.

Preservation Hall Victor Boin. Also visit the Preservation Hall Victor Boin. Througt large windows the visitor has a wide view into the depot itself where approximately 30.000 collection items are preserved. Open Monday to Friday from 1pm to 4pm. Ideal after your visit to the museum.

Outdoor traditional games. Trabol (bowls), skittles, cosh and many other games can be played in the traditional games garden. Accessible only in good weather and with permission of Sportimonium.