Museum depot Preservation Hall Victor Boin

What is the museumdepot "Preservation Hall Victor Boin?

Approximately 30.000 collection items moved to the brand new Preservation Hall Victor Boin. Everything is preserved in optimal conditions thanks to a remarkable storage and climate system.
Special is that everyone has access to a public space where more information is given about the collection development and work behind the scenes. Througt large windows the visitor has a wide view into the depot itself.

What do we store in the museum depot?

Sportimonium is the home of Belgium’s sporting history heritage. Countless unique collection pieces and artefacts from the country’s sporting past are preserved here along with valuable posters, photographs and flags. The collection also includes numerous books, periodicals and archives.

Who is Victor Boin?

Thanks to a sponsorship from the heirs of the late Victor Boin (1886-1974) and with the support of the government, the SPORTIMONIUM got a great impulse for the construction of its own depot.

  • versatile and talented sportsman: swimming, boxing, running, ice hockey, jiu-jitsu...
  • Olympic flagbearer (1924), fencing and water polo medalist (1908-1912-1920)
  • First athlete ever to recite the Olympic oath (1920)
  •  a fighter pilot (1914-1918)
  • Founding vice president of the Professional Association of Sports Journalists (1912)
  • President of the Belgian Olympic Committe (1955-1965)
  • President of the Sports Federation for the Disabled
  • Sponsor