The sportsmuseum

Sportimonium is heading for pastures new

Dear supporters, partners and friends of Sportimonium,

Even those who protect the treasures of the past must look to the future.

For almost 20 years, our collection of sporting heritage has been exhibited in a unique building on the beach at the Sport Vlaanderen estate in Hofstade. But times are changing for Sportimonium. The exhibitions (Breaking Boundaries exhibition and our permanent display) in the beach house are closed.

We would like to thank our partners, supporters and friends for the way, for many years now, they have backed our sporting heritage exhibitions and projects at the beach house.

But Sportimonium won’t be taking a time out; it’s looking to a bright new future. We are continuing to work on our unique collection of sporting history. And we are doing so from our modern collection site: the Victor Boin Preservation Hall, also on the Hofstade estate.  We are strengthening our contacts with the sporting and heritage world and are working on a new, modern formula for a sports museum that will really catch on. We’re doing this with the support of Sport Vlaanderen and Cultuur en Erfgoed.

In order to help with our new beginning and future plans, Sportimonium is creating two, full-time jobs for an immediate start:   a curator and a transition manager. Are you tempted by such a great job, steeped in a passion for sport?  Go to our vacancies page here.(in dutch)

We will continue with our work on sporting heritage and are counting on you, our supporters. Thank you for all your help.


Bart Vanreusel,

President of the Sportimonium charity


Practical information

- The exhibition in the beach house will be closed from September 1, 2022

- We will still be contactable on +32 (0)15/618 222 and via [email protected]

- Applications for the two vacant posts will be taken until September 30, 2022

If you have any questions, please contact President Bart Vanreusel at the address [email protected] or on +32 (0)478/24 00 18